What is Millchell? Pronounced Mill-Shell, it is a contraction of Miller and Mitchell, a service oriented organizationwith good, old fashioned values combined with 21st century technology. In 1974 Gary Miller and K.M. (Scotty) Mitchell formed an alliance out of mutual interests and goals. This alliance became Millchell, Inc.

Today Millchell Estate Liquidation Managers and Antique/ Personal Property Appraisers has earned the esteem and reputation that can only be achieved by continuously executing their services to the highest ethical standards and treating with respect the estates within their care.

Because of Millchell’s excellent reputation and wide recognition throughout the antique and civic community, they now enjoy the honor of being recognized as the largest and most fully staffed Estate Liquidation organization in the Southwest.

At best, it is an emotional time for those who find themselves in the position of having to liquidate a household after the loss of a family member. Millchell relieves this tremendous burdon by sensitively taking on the entire responsibility of organizing and managing the sale of the contents of an estate.

Millchell places the needs, desires and feelings of the individual uppermost while giving particular attention to every detail to insure a successful sale.

With today’s changing lifestyles, more and more Seniors are no longer keeping their large homes and Millchell will also conduct sales for those individuals moving to retirement homes.

Millchell feels that “word of mouth” advertising works and does more to prove that when a job is done well, a company’s reputation will preceed them.

Last year Millchell is proud to announce that they held a large percentage of the professionally held estate sales in the Ft. Worth/ Dallas Metroplex and are booked every two to three weeks year-round.