Upcoming Sale

Millchell is Having Another 


This time in Richland Hills

Just One Block From East Belknap ( Texas Lakes Trl) at Rufe Snow

6740 Hardisty

Ft Worth Mapsco 82-7

Friday, June 21st      6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Saturday & Sunday, June 22nd & 23rd     10am -5pm



The Jewelry is rather “Glitzy”

Grand Dimensions ” 5 ft to 7ft 2 in

Fine Hand Finished Oak w/ Massive Paw Feet

If You Love Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments …This is Your Sale

Add to Your Collection or Buy a Whole Category.

You Will Not Believe This !

Here’s some More w/ Johnson Bros “Friendly Village” (for 15) on a Beautifully Decorative “Baker’s Rack”

And More!



Thats Just The Beginning!


Don’t Worry! We have the Walls in the Hall to Fill















I’m Going to hang all The Hallmark remaining tomorrow !Tuesday before the sale

Then There’s  the Dolls!!


This is a dozen ShirleyTemple dolls

And the whole Cast of “Little Women”

A Large Mme Bride Doll

The Old Curmudgen “W.C. Fields”  a Great Shirley Temple


A Porcelain Scarlett & a Wonderful J0n Hagare Doll

Here’s an18″Scarlett byHeirloomDolls  These 4 Famous Figures have never been out of the box!

Wouldn’t You Know— Here’s Rhett, Ashley & Melanie with the baby Just Next door !

There’s just Gobs or Mme Alexander’s Dolls


Another Alexander, This a Kneeling Baby Doll

The Upper Part of This Photo all of “Little women”


Let’s Not Forget the Plate Collection Usually in Series but Priced Imdividually

6 Classic Shirley Temple Plates

A Full Collection of “Little Orphan Annie” Plates


8 or 9 Knowels GWTW Plates

8 ( I Think) Bradford Exchange: Just Scarlett Plates

Yet Another Set of “Sarletts”


Another Set of GWTW Plates by W.L George . I just get Dizzy knowing that there’s that many Scarletts in One Place!

A 9 pc. Set of Beautiful  “Precious Portraits” the Paintings by Bernice Pease Gutman

A Nice, Low 2 Drawer Table in the Kitchen w/ Colorful Plates, Bowls, Etc.

Can You Guess? We’re Finally in the Kitchen

Although It Doesn’t Look It This Double Coffee Maker is Pink and Marked “Mary Kay”

“Thank You, Ms Mary But… I Believe I’d Rather Have the Cadillac 1”

The Entire Island is Covered in Fiesta (not Old)

Some Old Iron Skillets

Good Stainless Cookware

Le Cruset~ There’s also a Good Collection of cook Books, Roasters, and the Plastic is in theLaundry

This Large Set of “Christmas Time” for about 20 is by Nikko

This SImple/ WHite w. Silver Rim is a Servied for 15

(JustFound a BigToteToday w/More”FriendlyVIllage”

Big, Old (&Heavy)This Computing Scale inIronFrom Dayton,Ohio

ItRests on SingerTreadle maching Base w/HeavyWood Surface

A ReallyBrand New 50″ Toshiba UHD TV(A Smart TV

I Personally Took It Out of The Box & Plastic!

Top Row All DVD Movies

Next Row All VHS Movies

Bottom All CD Music by No One You Ever Heard  of

There’s Also a Small Section With Concerts, Special DVDs that they sell late at night like” The Lost Lucy Tapes” & Johnny Carson

An Elvis Section w/4 Books & 9LPs

Right to Left:

Standards & Children’s, Popular & Finally So Heavy It’ll be Sure to Have Some Memories

An All wood VInage High Chair

A Beauatiful & CLean Restored Brass King Dual Motorized  Bed

With Certa “I”Ceries  Memory Foam Mattress (like New)

A Fine Triple Dresser w/ Free Standing 3-Way Mirror

A Matching Pair of Nite Tables w/ Fitted Glass + a Matched Pair of Electric GWTW Style Hand Painted Electric Lamps

Matching Armoire w/ fitted Interior, Wire Fronted Doors

A Tall Painted Wood Loaded   BookCase w/Whole sectiononTexas,DIY Section.Novels, Special Intrest & Some Very Interesting SelectionsA Nice, Low Grey Green w Double Doors and Shelf Cabinet Looks Great with a NEW 50″ Samsung UHD TV (LIke The One on Top)

Next Shots of the Before Pictures of the Garage


There is so much more not shown like a Gararrad Turn Table – Commercial Speakers – Tools, Craftsman stacking Tool Chest -office Spplies and so MUCH MORE!

Just the Beginning of Christmas – Hold on To your Tree!


I don’;t Think That I may never come to the End of Christmas!

There’s Literally Dozens of Radco Ornaments on this Table & Other great Ons !

Sorry, Friends! I have lost the photo of This Machine!



This Glaco Commercial, Professional Sewing Machine Is Mounted in It’s own Table (just needs a new  power cord !)

This Singer “Scholastic” Machine Has All the Bells & Whistles

This Popular “New Home” Machines is Perfect for those Who Just Need  a Dependable sewing Machine


Well… Here It IS !! Just Jumped Ahead, Don’t know How or why!

Could I Interest you in a pr of Sissors?

These are Just the Grey Handled Sissors…. There are the orange Handled, The Black & The old Nickel SissorssThere is Lots of Real Iron or Steel Yard Furniture, A 20 ft Extension Ladder, and a Single 15ft Ladder,Old Children’s Toys & More

There’s a 42″ Cut Craftsman Riding Mower

There’s 2 Commercial Toro Gas Mowers & a 22″ cut Murray Mower

Do You Need a Gas Chopper / Shreader?

Or a Big CB750 Honda Motocycle ….. All These Machines 

have been Tarped for a Time and Need Some Attention

Don’y Lock up The Husbands Credit Cards Yet. Yes it’s a ’74 Chevrolet Blazer !


And a RAM 250 Van *The Last Time Either Vehicles Were Registered was in 2019

Both Vehicles are in Rough Shape

I’m sure (absolutely) that there is much more! This is June 14th

and one day this past week I was trying my best to get everything up so we could have started the sale this week. I was literally up all night but only found a couple of days ago that The Problem wasn’t me. It was Network Solutions who had a major Power Problem! Trying to Fix All w’ Only 2 Days without Sleep…. Im Tired, Think it could be my Age?

News Flash !!

You Remember Seeing all Those Boxes & Totes Up Top in the Garage? It’s More Christmas!! After Discovering All of This I probably won’t even have Christmas. It’s Really Nice, I’/m Just Tired of It!

(we’ve had to turn the back porch into the garage

So theres a lot of car and “man” stuff out There!)

Hope to see you all on Friday! Pansie Wants to be there too