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Estate Sale

In Our Showroom 2930 W. Pafford,

Ft. Worth Mapsco # 90-F

Friday, December  6th – 6pm – 9pm

Sat. & Sun. Dec.  7th & 8th – 10am – 5pm

Your Debit and Credit Cards Always Welcome! Millchell Is Proud to have an A+ Accreditation with the BBB

This is our 2nd Annual Christmas Sale THIS YEAR!!

It’s NOT an Extravaganza……

This Year, an EXTREME-aganza! ‘Cause Here We Go Again! The pictures are  The Furniture, Etc. as we Found  Them in the House, A Large 3-Story Mansion on Elizabeth Blvd. We’re “arranged” but not yet decorated for our 2nd Christmas sale but We’ll be Ready for the 6th and I think you’ll be Amazed at How It Looks in Our Enviroment! and All Decorated!

There’s More Vintage and Wonderful Ornaments and Decorations, many More Radko Ornaments and Even a Couple of Great Jay Strongwaters, French & Antique American Clocks, Oriental Carpets Large & small, Sets of China and Don’t Go & Buy Glassware for that party! We’ve Got Wine, Champaign (some in up to 4 doz.stems) Many Colorful and Fanciful Designs,  Lots of Beautiful Barware, & Lots of Seasonal Decorative Accessories More Than Enough For Everyone! Outside we Have A Large Concrete 3 Tier Fountain and a Large Concrete Bird Bath, A Pair of 8 ft tall Lighted Angels w/ Trumpets, and a Lighted Sleige and Mechanical lighted Reindeer! I’ve been working by myself Since we had the items moved so it has taken a little longer to get everything ready for you, so please excuse the “before” pictures  but come to the sale. You won’t be disappointed!!

A 2-Pc. Curved Silk Brocade Sofa w/ Black & Gold Wood Accents – a Mahogany Ball & Claw Foot Mirror Top Coffee Table and In-Between a Small, Solid Brass Cherub Table w/ White Marble Top! You’ll be able to See Some of the carpets in these Photos!

A Large, Antique Ebonized French, Cabinet w/ Opening curved Glass Doors, Extensive Ormolu Mounts and a Hand Painated Porcelain Portrait!

A Matched Pair of Louis XV Arm Chairs w/ Tiny Brass Beading Trim and Gold Ormolu Bow Crests.

One of a Pair of Small Occasional Tables w/ Fine, colored Inlay

A tall, Black Display w/ Curved Glass Doors, Ormolu String Mounts.

I Think We Should Call This a Floor, 10 Light Candleabra Or chandelier Lamp w/ Cherubs – Heavy Brass w/ Prisms!

An Impressive Set of 4, Stacking Tables w/ Extensive Mover of Pearl Inlays – Fitted Glass Tops.

A Smaller but Impressive Ebonized French Cabint w/ Ormolu Mounts, & Fine Hand Painated Porcelain Plaques, The Top Center being Egyptian Themed.

An Ebonized, Ormolu Mounted Bureau Plat w/ Leather Inlay and Matching Chair.

A “Wow” Center Table w/ Ormolu Just About Everywhere except the Top Surface that Is Just Inlayed!

Chop Out Your Ceilings! This Colossol Antique Mahogany Etagere~ Is Finely Carved w/ 6 Lion Heads and soars 9 Ft!

Smaller but Handsome is The Working Carousel w/ Lights and Horses that Go Up & Down as it Revolves. It has Lost it’s Music – for Now! it Sits above a Mahogany, Porcelain Lined Potty Cabinet w/ Marble Top & More Ormolu!

A Bronze Female Figure w/ Wagging Clock. Not Currently Working.

A Mahogany Ormolu Mounted, Leather Inlayed Bureau Plat – Just Wait the Matching “Big One” is coming Up!

And Here it Is… About 6 ft Wide & With a Large Leather Office Chair. Although You Can’t See Thm Here, There’s a matched Pair of Burgundy Leather Wing-Backs in the Foreground.

This Little Mahogany Display has No Ormolu but Fine Floral Inlay at The Top.

This is a Working American Oak Beckwith Small Pump Organ w/ Top Gallery Rail.

Larger Than It Look Here is a Rom Webber (Maker of Very Fine Office Furniture)Beautiful Burl Top Dining table w/ Carved Knees w/ One Leaf and 6 Matching Chairs. It Sits Atop a 16 ft Sculptured Carpet (So Heavy that it Took me 3 Hours to get it Laid Out and Centered)

One of the Finest, American Oak Curved Glass China Cabinets We’ve seen. It has Great Details on Front and Top and has a Second Top Cabinet w/ Mirrored Back!

A Narrow Top w/ Deep Drop-Leaves Oak Dining Table on Great Base w/ Large Bulbous Columns. The Beauatiful st of 4 Side Chairs have Finely, Pierced Carved backs and Perfect Rush seats. Chairs Sold separately.

A Tall, pasinted Wood Floor Lamp/ candleabra w/ 10 Lights and Multiple Brass Flowers “Growing” out of the Base.

A Great White Iron w/ Brass Trim, Queen Size Bed. The Little Paisley Settee in background has a Twin.

Handsome Is This Little Black Laquered Arm Chair. The fabric Bears Noting! There are Also 2 large Arm Chairs 9not Matching with the Same fabric except in a Deep Crimson w/ Gold!

Solid As A Rock (and Heavier) is The Queen Size Mahogany Sleigh Bed w/ a Pair of Matching 2 Drawer Mahogany Side Chests.

This Little Bar Cabinet has 2 Drawers and A Mirrored Back, Fitted Interior

A Recent, Tall Corner Display w/ Lower Drwer and Cnated Glass Sides.

Unusual French Mahogany single Door Cabinet w/ Big Ormolu. One on Front is Image of “The Sun King”. It has A Marble Top and 2 Tiny Drawers inside.

Last But Certainly No Least is this Fabulous Antique French Armoire – 3 Cabinets Wide W/ Huge Beveled Mirrored Center, Super Carving and Crest, It Stands A Proud 9 ft 1 in, but Be not Afraid, It Comes Completely Apart! 

I can hardly wait for you to see all of these wonderful furnishings in our setting; all decked out and accessoried w/ Christmas Decor! We’re Full to the Brim as usual and I believe that you’re gona’ love it!