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Estate Sale

In Our Showroom 2930 W. Pafford,

Ft. Worth Mapsco # 90-F

Friday, November 15th – 6pm – 9pm

Sat. & Sun. 16th & 17th – 10am – 5pm

Your Debit and Credit Cards Always Welcome! Millchell Is Proud to have an A+ Accreditation with the BBB

This is our Annual Christmas Sale!

It’s NOT an Extravaganza……

This Year, an EXTREME-aganza!


Top Shelf… Some of the Cutist  Little fairies you’ll ever see & Second shelf…Santa’s World Travels.



Collectibles this time are just unbelievable! Here’s a Lighted and Animated Village.



Here’s a hand Carved Wooden Eddid Walker

“North Pole Tree Farm” You will No Doubt Also Notice the Christmas “Krinkle” Hanging Around



Yes, There are Beanie Babies. However there are 2 Princess Di’s (w/ Rose), an Octopus, 2 Peace Bears and a Flamingo. (There’s also 572 More “Regular” Ones!)



LOTS of Christmas “Krinkels” and a Partial Shot of Vintage Bird Ornaments!



A Lg. Glass Santa, a Violin That Plays itself (with your help) and some Little Porcelain animals.



A Vintge Plastic Christmas Tree w/ 2 Boxes of Tiny Ornaments and Original Box & a Native American Brave w/ Real Fur, etc. –



2 Strings of Original, working Noma Bubble Lights, Boxes of Little Lead Figures.



2 Working Sets of 1921 Gacor “Twinkle Set” Lights w/ Original Boxes, (Very Early flashing Lights) and a Great Cup & Saucer from the late 1700s



Tiny Little Porcelain Boxes w/ Flowers for Each Month & a Vintage, Lighted, Church w/ Wind Up Music.



Vintage Christmas Candy Containers and a Little Wind up Wwalking Sants



Even Larger Vintage Christmas Candy Containers, L little Antique santa in Glittered Cardboard Sleigh w/ Packages, a Glass Crockodile w/ a Clock in it’s Navel and a Wonderful Peacock!



4 Trays of Christian Lassen “Over & Under” Hawaiian Ornaments.



There’s Lots of Christopher Radko Ornaments!


And More Radko Ornaments!



And Even More Radko Ornments! Maybe Next Year We will Have Room For the Rest!



Real Antique Tree Ornaments and Working Individual Christmas Light Bulbs! Believe it! There’s a Working Set of the Earliest Edison String of Lights w/ Original Little Pointy Top Bulbs!



Here’s another Tray of Working Antique Individual Bulbs!



An Entire Box of Aprox 90 Small & Vintage Glass Ornaments for One Money!



There’s Still the Pair of Heavy Bronze August Cain Signed Whimsical Late 19th Century CandleabrasHung Here by a Set of 8 Little “Fruit” Fairies!



ANumber of Anna Lee Christmas Figures. There’s a Raindeer Somewhere in the Building!



The Beginning of the “Fancy Dress” Santa Figures! I Lost Count at 89!!



There are 3 Lighted Saguara Cactus Figures.. Big, Medium and Small. Not these Pictures, Out on the Lawn… A Large Lighted Metal Helicopter and a 7 ft Texas Map Figure!



We Have Plenty of Poinsettias for Everyone! These Adorn the Rennaisance Revival Etagere~



Nicely Working and Convencing Electric Logs



A Hand Painted Mahogany 19th Cent. Pole Screen Along side of a Highboy Base,  a Nice Oil Portrait of a Young Girl and an Electrofied Cranberry Shade Hall Light.



A Fine Little 18th Century Mahogany 4-Drawer Table, a Nice “Feather Tree” and a Solid Brass, Painted Shabby Chic Floor Lamp w/ Original Shade.



A Pair of Great Nutcrackers Flank the Oak Case Grandfather Clock



A Nice 19th Century, Wide Plank Mahogany Chest



Just a Few of the Boxed Ornaments & Just out of View a 7 Vol Set (in Original Box) “A Dictionary of Artists” In French



A Musical, Animated and Lighted Mickey, Goofy and Pluto!



There’s Some of Those Santas! A Santa Fe Train and a Lg. BUdweiser Train! And More!



A Fine Bisque Porcelain Bust of Marie Antoinette atop a Nice little Dressing Table, An Onys & Brass 4 pc. Art Deco Desk Set and Oh! There’s the Anna Lee Reindeer!



Oh, Yes! More Santas and “Stuff”



And More Great Boxed Ornaments!



Did Someone Ask, “Where are the Boston Terriers? Why, There Filling the 1840s American Mahogany Breakfront, Of Course!



More Boston Terriers



And of Course, We Had to Have a Giant Terrier Santa!



Then there’s the Whimsical, Baked Clay Terriers and 4 Beautiful Needlepointed Chair Cushions.



Yup! A Real Vintage Original, Aluminum Tree w/ A New Colorwheel, Original Branch Sleeves and Box (and Instructions). Note that Giant Budweiser Bottle!



Amongst the Silver: Besides the Necessary Santa are the Saturday Evening Post, Coors, Budweiser and Other Steins.



Silver Trees in the Dining Room and Of Course you See the Santa in the Birch Bark Canoe!



Dated Campbell Soup Cans Ornaments & Boxed Campbell Soup Kids Arnaments and a Couple of Budweiser Balls.



12 Feet!! of Boxed “Liberty Falls” Village, Both Residential and Commercial w/ Accessories!

A Selection of “Liberty Falls” Figures (we have the boxes)

A Large, Antique Mahogany Demilune Table w/ Scottish Santa & More!

A Big Bunch of International Santas in Boxes (Are there that many countries in the world?)

The Strangest Tree in the Building! (No, We Didn’t Decorate it!) and a Nice Vintage Set of Homer Laughlin “C-15” China.

Lighted Dept. 56 Buildings: A Chinese Restraunt,A Movie Theater, A Diner and a Greenhouse.

Anyone Want a Hummel Plate Collection? There’s More on the Floor

We’re Ready for Thanksgiving Too!



Jusst in Time for the Holidays.. a Complete “Cape Cod” Punch Bowl w/ Underliner, 24 Matching Cups, Hangers and a Red Ladle!



Blue & White Porcelain Items



Nice Selection of New & Vintage Appliances and an Electric 3 Compartment Lidded Buffet Served. Some Like it Hot!



Nice Crockery, another Punch Bowl w/ Cusp and Lots of Little Clear Plates for that upcoming Party!



Duncan Miller, Vintage Stemware “Teardrop”, Sets of Snack Trays w/ Cups and a Japanese Lusterware Tea set for 5.



Here’s the Front End of the Long Budweiser Train.



And the Fast Santa Fe Train – Runs like a House-a-Fire! but has a Problem!



And, As Always….. More!



The Gift Wrapping Room w/ Everything You Need.



Cloth Gift Bags and the Edge of one of the “Climbing” Santas!



Remember, I Said there Were More than 500 Beanie Babies! Well, Here they Are!



How Did That Grinch Get In Here?



Oh, My! It’s Winnie the Pooh World! With All of His Friends! Some w/ Music and Animation!




Even a Winnie the Pooh Tree w/ Pooh Lights!


Now you know why it took us so long to get ready for the pictures! There’s a Lot More to See but I still have to make the price cards and get this e-mailed to everyone! Hope you can make this sale it’s just a LITTLE Overwhelming!