Millchell Fact Sheet

  • Millchell is a full service Estate Liquidation company operated by knowledgeable appraisers that are nationally and internationally certified.
  • Millchell operates on a contractual basis and charges a commission for services rendered that is competitive with anyone. Millchell conducts “on premise” tag sales, auctions, and in some cases, Millchell will buy an estate outright..
  • Millchell offers numerous options to the bank, attorney, or individual to insure that control of the estate is retained by the interested parties.
  • Millchell provides for complete coordination of the sale including cleaning, polishing, and if necessary, repair of items, placement of items for optimal traffic flow and viewing, and off duty police for security and parking as necessary.
  • Millchell is insured, bonded, accepts all major credit cards and debit cards, and is responsible for all checks written for purchases. Millchell provides full financial figures to the client including an itemized inventory of the major items in the sale.
  • Millchell handles all advertising for the sale including placement of ads in local classifieds of major newspapers. Millchell also sends a notification of the sale to clients maintained on their extensive mailing list. No advanced sales of estate merchandise are conducted and the huge crowds of avid buyers reflect the success of this policy.
  • Millchell sells all contents of the home during the course of the sale and will clean the premises after a sale so the property can be shown for sale, rental, etc. Millchell will facilitate the sale of the home by acting as a liaison between realtor and prospective buyer.

Gary L. Miller

Gary L. Miller is a native of Ft. Worth, Texas; attended North Texas State University studying commercial art and advertising.He attended UCLA and has an M.F.A. degree. Being interested in antiques most of his adult life, he is an antiques and personal property appraiser and has Senior Certified Valuer designation. He often lectures on antiques; he is a charter member of the Tarrant Antique Dealers Association (TADA); he has served as President & Vice-President, headed the Historic Issues Committee, an advisory group to the city of Fort Worth’s Historical and Cultural Landmarks Commission; he served as an officer on the board of the Historic Fairmount Neighborhood Association for 9 years, and is very active in civic and church activities.

K.M. (Scotty) Mitchell

K.M. (Scotty) Mitchell is a native Texan whose family settled in this area in the 1830’s. Coming from a long line of collectors, he has been involved with antiques his entire life. He attended Hardin Simmons University, New Mexico Western University, and has a B.F.A. degree. He is a certified appraiser; he is a charter member, former Vice-President, & current board member of the Tarrant Antique Dealers Association (TADA); he serves as a Commissioner for the City of Fort Worth on the Historic and Cultural Landmarks Commission; he sits on the executive board of The Historic Preservation Council for Tarrant County; and he also sits on the Fairmount Historic Issues Committee, and actively participates in other civic and church groups.

Both Mr. Miller and Mr. Mitchell are nine year members of the advisory board of Warman’s Americana and Collectibles, and regularly contribute to this nationally recognized Antiques Price Guides. They are published authors of “The Price Guide to Small Collectible Kitchen Appliances,” “Price Guide to Mexican Collectibles,” and are currently collaborating on a book explaining the various aspects and periods of Victorian design. Both men believe in continuing education and regularly attend & conduct seminars on antiques and collectibles. They belong to The Antique & Collectibles Dealers Association, and have lectured on Estate Sales to hundreds of participants. They travel widely, and keep abreast of the latest trends and market values. Both men are active in local preservation efforts. Their publisher has said that Millchell is the largest service of its kind in the Southwest. Perhaps of major importance is the fact that they enjoy their work.